Painting Services are a passion of Dubai painters. They hold painting skills to complete painting jobs.

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How much does it cost to paint a room in Dubai?

Are you in Dubai and need professional painters? Silver painters make sure to provide professional paintings that are appealing, cheap and economical. Our highly trained experts give you excellent and durable services that satisfy your needs. Painting is one of the best and easy way of giving your property a new look. If you are overwhelmed with the task of estimating how much it will cost to paint your property, let us help you out. Painting is our passion. Get your house painting Services done by our experts, with guaranteed quality of work at competitive price.  

Does Painting Services in Dubai Cost Highly?

Determining the exact cost of painting can be hectic. However, it is possible to assess the cost of painting and get an idea of the budget required to complete the service. This can be done by examining factors that influence the cost of painting services. Below are some factors that you should consider: Determine the kind of project that you have: When you want to invest in painting, it is important to determine what kind of painting project you have.

They are four major types of painting projects which include:

Home interior project: The project focus on interior walls and ceiling. It is also important to factor in the cost of primers in this project.
Exterior Paint Services: The major areas include siding, garage, and decks. It is important to know that each item varies in cost.
Small home painting project: Small project involves focusing on individual item e.g. a door, cabinet, two accent walls.
Mural painting project: When painting a mural, it is important to consider the size of the mural. Additionally, remember to factor in the cost of artist and fee structure,

Silver Star PaintingServices **Just a Call away

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What does villa interior painting and exterior painting cost in Dubai?

Firstly, we will discuss the quality of wall paint design. Secondly, the estimate cost of the paint. Finally, a professional painter should carry this painting job in a right way. Therefore, the Silver Star painters are the smart choice for painting in Dubai. As, we not only reduce your painting expense but providing you economic painting ideas. Also, the approval from the community developer is important to start the villa paint work.

What factors involved in calculating the cost of house painting service in Dubai?

The amount and Quality of paint: The higher the quality and amount, the higher the price. Additionally, some paints are designed only to suit specific finishes and hence may vary in prices. Consulting professional painters will help you get an idea of the best quality paint for your property and the approximate cost of the paint.
The size of your property: Large rooms require more time and paint hence higher price. Estimating the overall square feet for your property can help you know the amount of time and paint required. A gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet.

Extra care need to finalize the painting project.

Some extra supplies required; If you want painters to charge you for painting solely, remember to include the cost of additional supplies such as brushes, tape, ladders, paint tray and paint rollers. However, most painters always provide the supplies, so you don’t have to buy if it is a short-term project.
Other factors include: wall texture, paint prices and speed of painting

How to get painting services in Dubai at an affordable cost.

With the high temperature and humidity in Dubai, Painting can be a difficult task. That’s why you need to let Dubai wall painters carry out the work professionally. We ensure to use high-quality paint that will give your house a fresh and perfect finish. Additionally we can help you estimate the cost of painting for your project.Call us today on 056-434 1947

Silver Star PaintingServices **Just a Call away

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We provide painting services in Dubai:

However, the high temperature and humidity makes it more difficult painting job in Dubai. Finally, our company use a good quality paint brands. Therefore, it give you fresh and perfect finish look. Also, the paint quality, we don not compromise. Especially, if you are getting the paint in your home. Further, we take job of painting a flat or apartment, villa or office, it cause a messy work. Therefore, no one can afford house painting in Dubai again and again. So, it is advisable to select professional painters to carry such work to avoid any damage of your furniture.

How to do estimate painting services cost?

When you are calculating the cost of painting home, it is important to understand what goes into estimating the price. 

  • Furniture and fixture protection, built-in fixtures like counters and cupboards need to be protected.
  • Need to understand if the painting services is for a client who will be moving.
  • calculate the existing damages of the walls..
  • Calculate the amount of the paint needs. .
  • Don't forget to add the cost of a coat of primer,
  • Count the cost of consumables. Estimate the total cost of consumable items such as masks, booties, grading paper, painter's tape, cleaning material

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painting services Dubai

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