Painting Ideas

There are many painting ideas for wall painting and furniture painting

We can discuss the painting Ideas as per the requirement of the painting jobs.
The best Wall Paining Ideas for house painting.
We have floor paint concepts using the epoxy paint.
Wood furniture need polish or deco paint for long last refresh look of furniture.

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However, we can provide plenty of painting ideas for any painting projects.

Therefore, we will discuss here the different concepts of painting projects. Further, we can focus to calculate the real cost of the project. As, you can estimate the cost for villa and the flat both as per your property.
The best Wall Paining Ideas for house painting.
We have floor paint concepts using the epoxy paint.
Wood furniture need polish or deco paint for long last refresh look of furniture.

Best Painting Ideas in Dubai

Do you want colors that look fresher and attractive in your home? They are different cheap; simple yet professional ways that we can face lift the appearance of your home. Discussed below are some creative painting ideas for different rooms such as kitchen, dining room, bedroom and living room. The ideas are best suited to a particular room. For example, a creative painting idea for the bedroom is not necessarily good for the living room.

Stripped wall
There are two methods of wall stripping which includes horizontal wall or diagonal wall stripping. Unlike other methods, this type of decorative painting does not involve using paint. In this approach, a polythene sealer that is different from the current wall is used. For example, we use shinier sheen if wall the wall is dark and a less bright polish if the wall is brilliant.some of the strip wall painting ideas for different rooms includes:
Chevron stripped wall for a bedroom.
Rainbow stripes best suited for a nursery or kids rooms. The rainbow strip can be thick or thin.
Multi color wavy strips: The pieces work best if applied on one wall only or an accent wall. Wavy stripes can be done in master bedroom or kids’ bedroom.
Ombre stripes: You can never go wrong with ombre strips in a dining room. The strips give the room a warm calming effect.
Vertical strips: Vertical strips are best suited for teen boy bedroom or a kids nursery.

Ombre / Color Washing panting

The technique aims at adding a subtle finish to the wall to enhance a light color appearance. The technique is best preferred when a wall has several flaws that you would like to hide. However, the method requires more time than the other methods as it involves building a layer of paint until a full effect is achieved. Unlike other painting ideas, ombre painting can be done in almost all rooms and still look marvelous. Some ombre painting ideas you should try on your wall include:
Vertical blue ombre wall, horizontal ombre wall, striped (color blocked) wall, half wall (color blocked) and finally alternating blocks of color that can be a fun way of painting kid bedroom.

Texture painting
Texture painting is a creative way of transforming walls from boring to beautiful, visually appealing wall. The technique aims at hiding imperfection that could be on the wall hence saving you the headache of doing small unnecessary repairs. Different materials can be used to carry out wall texture such as the use of mud, paint or machines. Texture wall painting is best suited either in the bedroom or living room. The best painting color ideas for these rooms include:
White painted texture wall.
Atyana bedroom
Neo bedroom
Estate residence: it does better if a wave textured wall is matched with striped wall areas.
Triangle inspiration.

Other common wall painting ideas include repeated pattern and geometric shapes on walls, faux molding. Stencils and faux wallpaper. Getting creative painting ideas for your ceiling can also go a long way in making the room more gorgeous.
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