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Painting is our passion. Get your furniture painting done by our experts. How much does it cost to paint a room in Dubai?
Get Professional Furniture Painting Services with Dubai Painting Services.

Are you looking for furniture painting services in Dubai? Our company has years of experience in furniture painting and polish industry. We make sure to provide high-quality services to our customers by ensuring polishing and painting is done according to furniture material. We provide furniture painting services in different situations such as during home renovation, renting properties or selling properties. We ensure that right color match is done depending on our customers need, taste and preference. We also offer both spray paint and brush painting. Dubai painting services always aim at meeting our customers’ needs beyond expectation.

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Furniture Painting Services in Dubai? What Painting services we offers.

Our team of experts offers furniture painting services in the following areas:
Wood painting
Wood polishing
Door painting
Kitchen Cabinet Painting
Furniture painting services concept
Everyone loves new furniture. However, purchasing new furniture every time can be an expensive and time-consuming process. In some occasions, we cannot do without painting our furniture. For example, when you want to rent out property or when a lovely piece of furniture is looking old or faded. Our company ensures to give your furniture a new attractive look that is durable. Are you thinking of painting furnitures for your newly renovated home? Let us help you with our concepts for various services that we offer.


Wood polishing - Furniture Painting

Wood polishing can be done using oil, wax or spray cans. The product we use depends entirely on our customer's taste and preference. However, it should be understood that the type of wood finishing used affects the wood polish to be used. They are different types of finishes such as lacquer, Linwood oil, acetone and denatured alcohol. For example, oil polish works best with an oil finish.We ensure that polish used match the wood grain.


Door painting - Furniture Painting in Dubai

Painting door is a sure way of face-lifting the appearance of your home. We, therefore, provide only a perfect finishing that has a long lasting impression. This is attributed to our focus on doing prior preparations, using the right tools, materials, and technique. Here are some tips that we adhere to during painting.
We clean off the old finish using heavy duty household cleaners to ensure paint adhesion is maintained.
We fill small holes or dents using epoxy wood fillers to ensure that the door appears flawless at the end of the task.
We prime the door before painting to block any stain and ensure that the new paint sticks better.


Kitchen cabinet painting - Furniture Painting Services Dubai

Painting old and outdated kitchen cabinet is a good way of renewing their face. Our company uses a brush and small rollers to paint cabinets. However, we carry out spray painting for clients who want to move in within a short period. We carry out painting in various types of cabinet surfaces such as flat wood, wood laminate, plastic laminate and metal surfaces. The kind of cabinet surface determines how we approach the tasks and time taken.
We aim at transforming your furniture into something new and attractive. Visit our shop at Dubai and view the different colors and finishes we have done or call us today on 056-434 1947.


How to Find Best Professional Furniture Painting Services in Dubai?

Are you looking for Furniture Painting Services Dubai? Surely, you have reached at correct location. As, we are the professional painters in Dubai who offer range of house painting Dubai. Because, we have a solution of every type of house painting requirements. Further, we do offer these services all over in Dubai. Therefore, you would agree that your house painting services are just a call away.
As, we can paint Furniture, including Kitchen cabinet painting.
Offering, wall painting services to give a new and fresh look.
Moreover,we are offering wood furniture polishing to increase quality of the furniture.
Further, we are also providing Painting services in house or at our workshop.