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Furniture Paint has many types:

Silver Star Painting provide following furniture paint services in Dubai.

  • Kitchen Cabinet Painting
  • Bathroom Interior Paintings
  • Wood Cabinets Paint
  • Door Painting Dubai

Our furniture painters are capable to do following painting techniques e.g. spray paint and brush painting. We have facility for in-house painting or at our workshop.


Wood Furniture Paint and Polish Painters

As, we are expert in any kind of wood polish. Also, it includes, wood door polish, kitchen cabinets polishing, bedroom furniture polishing. Moreover, we take a project of any kind of wood polishing. As, we are specialized to give antique furniture look. However, you can get us to polish your antique furniture paint for refreshing the polish.

Silver Star Painting Services ** Just a Call away

056-434 1947

Wood Polish and Wood Painting Designs

Therefore, Silver Star Painters provide a range of designs of wood painting and polishing services. However, some of painting ideas has been shown on our website. So, you can request to our painters for full range of painting designs. Further, there are some factors need to be considered while selecting the design of painting or furniture polishing. Because, the entire look of your home painting must match with the designing concept of your furniture. Then, the painting wall of your home need to be look similar painting concept as per your furniture.


How to protect your furniture?

After Furniture painting or polishing. Therefore, It is important to maintain cleaning and paint shade. However,If your furniture is a antique. Then, you need to take extra cautions of cleaning it.

 Because, it is an expensive furniture. So, call our expert painters to provide you the ideas of maintaining furniture paint to look antique. However, the maintenance process depends on the design of the furniture paint. Especially, we the furniture is displayed in living hall. 

Furniture paint

Further, the environment of Dubai is dusty. So, it required to fresh the look periodically. Moreover, maintenance cost is much cheaper than providing fully paint. Hence, we recommend to hire us for regular painting maintenance of furniture.

Dubai is a city of hot climate. Therefore, it is most important to protect your furniture. As, the humidity damage the wood as well as furniture. So, proper maintenance of the furniture is an essential process.