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Epoxy coating is a common application in Europe as well as in USA. However, many people living in Dubai do not get the similar concept. Hence, Dubai residents rarely apply floor painting.

However, there are two major types of floor coating which include self leveling epoxy paint and epoxy coating. In the floor painting process, professional painters always apply primer before using epoxy paint.


Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floor coating is a type of paint mainly used to coat the floor. Further, panting contractors mostly use epoxy pant in industrial properties and commercial houses. Also, places where it is not recommendable to use tiles. The coatings give surfaces an attractive hard wearing that is highly durable hence suitable for many situations. They are three types of epoxies which include: 100% solid: It is the strongest but also very expensive
Water-based: Used for industrial purpose only
Solvent –based: used for residential purposes such as parking lot. It is very cheap.
The following are some advantages of using epoxy for industrial or commercial flooring:


Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating

Easy to clean: When dry, epoxy coated surfaces are durable and seamless hence easy to clean any dust or dirt. This characteristic makes epoxy an ideal floor painting options for restaurants and pharmaceutical laboratories.
Chemical resistant: Epoxy creates chemically resistant floors hence most warehouses and manufacturing plants prefers to use it.
An economical flooring option: Epoxy produces a hard wearing floor that is durable thus needs little to no need maintenance cost. However, epoxy painting needs to be done professionally as it 's hard and costly to repair or make corrections.

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Why the Epoxy Flooring is beneficial for commercial properties?

Resistance to heat: Fire resistant characteristic of epoxy enables its to be used in explosive production and fire escapes.
Safer: Epoxy coated floors have a hard bearing hence resistant to slip. Additionally, it is resistant to water and fire thus makes it safer to be used in all situations.
Attractive: Self leveling epoxy floor coating comes in different colors and styles. When dry, the surface always gives a beautiful high gloss shine that is long-lasting.


Epoxy for heavy duty floors

Epoxy paint is used on both indoor and outdoor floors. It is especially ideal in situations where the use of tiles is not recommended such as heavy-duty floors. At Dubai painting services, our epoxy coating experts are highly experienced in epoxy floor coating of different range of heavy duty floors. Some of them include warehouses, Pharmaceutical manufacturing building, garage, kid’s playground, laboratories, restaurant kitchen floors, and swimming pools.


Why we are the recommended Floor Painting Companies in Dubai?

Dubai painters highly recommend epoxy floor paint for industrial and commercial purposes. Remember prior preparation of the floor and following manufacturer instruction goes a long way in helping the paint to last longer.Consider getting professional floor painting services with our company and get a classic epoxy floor coat that you have always wanted. If you want to know more about the benefits of epoxy flooring, feel free to consult us. Call 056-434 1947 today and get free advice on floor painting concept.

Why you should discuss floor paint concept with us?

Finally, the time to understand the concept of floor paint. When, we talk about the floor paint, it might look strange in the beginning. Therefore, the floor paint is very common idea in Europe and USA. However, we rarely observe this in Dubai. Similarly, it is very common in parking lots and industrial floor. But, it is not a good idea for a house or flat.

Advantages of Industrial concrete flooring:

Therefore, we don't recommend to install the tiles in warehouse and restaurant kitchen. However, there is a chemical called epoxy paint which is a best solution for industrial floor paint. Hence, we have some advantages of epoxy painted flooring.

  • This floor is very hygienic.
  • Epoxy paint flooring is easy to clean.
  • Floor paint is available in many colors.
  • The paint color is long lasting.

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Therefore, we explain heavy duty floor paint concept in Dubai.

First, instead of fixing tiles in the car garage. Also, the area where we will use chemicals. Hence, the epoxy paint flooring is recommendable. Further, it is more effective in the restaurant kitchen floor. Also, in the pharmacy flooring or car parking flooring. Therefore, car parking or garage and flooring in school for kids play area. As well as, swimming pool area would benefit with the epoxy floor paint.

Find here the chemicals of self leveling epoxy paint.

Therefore, epoxy floor consist of three component:

1- First, self smoothing epoxy floor topping that produces an extremely dense
2- Second, durable and long lasting. However, it is best for more walking area.
3- Also, Great concept for chemically resistant floor.


Further, There are many such advantages:

  • It has high impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Therefore, It is a fast application.
  • Also, it is easy to clean floor.
  • Spatially, it give resistant to chemicals.
  • However, It does not support growth of bacteria, fungi or micro-organisms.
  • Further, It is available in a range of many colors.

Therefore, it has many uses:

However, Dubai painters recommend epoxy floor paint for industrial and commercial situations. As, it provide an easy to clean floor. Further, We are able to withstand mechanical abrasion. Also, the spillage of aggressive chemicals on surface:

  • As, it is best solution of food and beverage plants
  • Therefore, it is best flooring for pharmaceutical facilities, laboratory flooring and hospital floor.
  • Hence, the kitchens and laundries flooring solution is best in epoxy painted floor.
  • Also, it is a solution for chemical handling and processing areas.