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Painting Services Dubai

Silver Star is a leading Painting Services Dubai company, well known for providing customers with quality service. We provide services to all kind of customers ranging from home owners to apartments. Our well trained specialist ensures that the work is professionally done an excellent services are delivered on-time. Additionally, we are taking painting projects mostly in Dubai town which include: Jumeirah Park, Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah e.t.c. below is an article that addresses why you should choose our company for house painting services.

We meet our customers need by providing high quality Painting Services Dubai: We understand that sometimes it’s hectic to get professional painters to satisfy your needs without any hassle. Our company makes sure to consult the customers and, listen to his needs. The client also gets a free consultation on colors. The company ensures that proper preparation is done before starting the job and best quality machines and paints are used.

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Why should choice Silver Star Painting Services Dubai for your next painting project?

First of all, maximum supervision is carried out to ensure that our client needs are met beyond expectation. Secondly, our company understands that clients have different diaries. Therefore, we accommodate any schedule. Further, our company provide large group of expertise for big projects such as apartment or offer several painters for small project. however, it is depending on how quick you want project to accomplish.
Therefor, our company provides diversified Painting Services Dubai to meet different clients demand. Then, our major services include interior and exterior painting. Other services include wallpaper removal, drywall texture, and roof coating and drywall repairs. Further, we ensures that a full clean up is done upon completion of the project. Also, wall Painter understand that painting is more than change of color but a real value addition project to your house. With that in mind we ensure to change the look of your premises with different alternative that reflects a personalized impression of how each premise should look.
Eventually, give yourself to your home a treat today to a house paint job by Wall Painters in Dubai. Call today for more information or send an email and get your services as quick as you want them in any of the above mentioned town in Dubai. Wall Painters Company looks forward to providing quality and prompt house painting services.


Painters Dubai think,
Wall Painting is an Art,
The right choice of
color make your
home relaxing and
office energetic.

painters dubai

Passion Dubai Painter

painting company in Dubai
painting company in Dubai

Providing painting services Dubai is a passion of Dubai Painters. Professional painting work give your home look calm and peaceful. Appealing color increase your energy at work and relax you at home. therefore, painting color selection is an important task. 

Painters Jobs Dubai

Therefor, professional painters Dubai assure best paintings services. Further, we take all painting jobs seriously including wall painting services of bedroom wall painting and living room paint.

Surely, our professional painters complete the painting work on time. 

painting jobs in Dubai

Lets Painters Dubai give you painting ideas for house painting and office painting color

Painters Dubai Provide Painting Services Dubai near by:

You are on a call away for Painting Services Dubai near by areas Jumeirah Park. Painters Dubai are in palm Jumeirah. Painters in Springs Dubai. Painting services in Meadows, Villa Paint in Emirates Hills Dubai. Flat Painters in Dubai Marina. Painting company in Discovery Gardens. Painting work in JLT, Painters in JBR - Jumeirah Beach Residence, Jumeirah Village Triangle - JVT, Jumeirah Village Circle -JVC.

Importance of Painting Services in Dubai Task

Painting Dubai Services an art passion and it give your home the look calm and peaceful. Further, it will increase your energy at work and relax at home when matching the color with your mood. So, color selection is an important task and spend few minutes to think the correct color that match your feelings. Finally, we are here to help you in sorting this out. Ultimately, the color choice will keep you in comfortable zone. Therefore, please feel free to consult your wall painting project in Dubai requirements with us.

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Silver Star Painting Services ** Just a Call away

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  • Wood Polish
    Wood Polish
    Polishing Furniture any kind
  • Bed room Painting
    Bed room Painting
    high quality painting work
  • Epoxy Painting
    Epoxy Painting
    Industrial Painting of Car Garage
  • Epoxy Floor Paint
    Epoxy Floor Paint
    Play Area Painting
  • Hall Painting
    Hall Painting
    Assembly Point and ware house painting floor
  • wall painting
    wall painting
    Design on wall painting
  • Bath room Painting
    Bath room Painting
    relaxing look
  • Wood Funriture Polish
    Wood Funriture Polish
    Polish and protect your furniture

Our Expert Painting Services Dubai by trained painters to carry a range of painting jobs.

** Wall Painting Services Dubai - Internal and External Paint, Flat Painters, Villa Paint,

** Epoxy Paint, Floor Painting of larger area, Car Parking Painting, Garage Floor Paint

** Wood Polish & Furniture Paint: Spray Painting | Oil Painting | Deco Painting

Painting is an Art

What are the motives to give your painting project to us. Either, it is a Flat or Apartment Home Painting Services or villa Interior and Exterior Painting. Further, we handle any job of painting service Dubai for residential and commercial properties.

Did you know the color of the wall painting in your room affects your moods? For instance shades of red inspire energy, yellow displays joy, and happiness, blue is calming and serene, and green is restful. Pay close attention to the color of wall art in the rooms where you spend the most time. Moreover, just like in fashion, wall painting color reflects our personality and character. Sometimes it’s a painful process getting wall painting done just right. No more hustle in getting the right wall art.

There are a few reasons as to why you should employ qualified and professional painting services.

• We are fully registered and only use qualified technicians and experienced repair people to deliver the best to you.

• Minimal interruptions to your lifestyle and daily activities, well Our staff work with you to schedule our maintenance services for the most off-peak times, so we are out of your way soonest

• We use professional grade products, which are guaranteed to remain bright and smooth for longer

• We pay attention to quality service delivery with designed follow up staff and excellent customer care

• Experienced and skilled color experts to help you choose the best color combinations for your suites.

• A strong working presence in over ten communities means you do not have to wait for services – we respond very quickly.

• Flexible service hours including weekends and nights, custom designed for the executives with a busy schedule.

Evaluate the level of service you are getting for your décor and maintenance needs and let us help you take it a step further. It’s only fair that you get excellent service – you have earned it.

We are professional painting contractors serving very vibrant communities in Dubai. The beautiful architecture renowned the world over would not be complete without serious considerations to the colors. It just complements it.

To show you just how valuable good painting is, let us walk you through all the areas that enjoy not only our popular services but also have great art, color, lifestyles, and class. It is well noticing that we have a respectable presence in these communities providing interior and exterior wall painting services to tenants, property owners, homeowners and commercial establishments.

Offering Painting Services Dubai for your property in Dubai and Let’s discover the beauty within;

1. Apartment Painting Service Dubai Marina.

The Marina Walk is always buzzing. It boasts of a great chain of restaurants and incredible scenery. A premier dining hotspot, it is full of warm colours that keep the energy going. There are exquisite restaurant frontals that are impossible to miss as you walk past. Brightly lit skyscrapers light up the nights and ensure there is no dull day. The calm Marina Bay, the white on the KG Tower, the beautifully rounded Belvedere standing majestically in white. Get with the community lifestyle if you live in this area. We are here to give you a free professional quote first is it for a 4-bedroom duplex or a single.

2. Flat Painters in Jumeirah Lakes Tower -JLT Dubai.

Readily accessible from Sheik Zayed Road, this is a family hubbub. It is majestically designed high-rise apartment buildings. From Lake Point to the Saba and Madina Towers, the people here always look more joyful. We have experienced handymen minutes away from your apartment here.

3. Paint Services in Jumeirah Beach Residence – JBR Dubai.

The streets look cleanand elegant. Are you around the Al BateenResidence? What would you say? Does it offer quick, efficient services with minimal interruptions to your lifestyle? We make your rooms lively and colourful in no time.

4. We Provide Painting Services in Dubai Tecom and Internet city.

Have you ever noticed How Tecom is full of whites, yellows, and tangerines? What does the red on the Green View Residence mean? How do you like the name Barsha Heights? Let us help you keep the living and working spaces fresh – so you are not tempted to rename your house too! From kid’s rooms to wall murals on common grounds, we do enough preparation to make the exterior paint job last a long time and still look fresh.

5. Professional Apartment Painting Services Dubai Sport City.

Whether a studio or a 2bedroom apartment, sports city has many residents. In addition, beautiful finishes. The perfect theme for those whose adrenaline is always peaks at the slightest chance of excitement

6. Wall Painting Services Dubai for flats in Discovery Gardens.

It is serene on the outside and mostly residential it appears calm. Everyone seems to go to work on the neighbouring community. Your inside should be excellent too. Help us get you there.

Affordable housing does not mean you should not have a house that complements your personality. In addition, you know painting services are not as expensive as you may have been made to understand.

7. Best Painting idea and Paint Design for Flat Painting in Motor City Dubai.

Here we have the world of formula one racetrack. Where there are High levels of adrenaline and many of big boy’s toys. Welcome to the playground for the rich and privileged. From Regent House to Dickens Circus, it’s a while motor culture. Add to that the theme park.If you concerned about fires, there is fire-retarding paint or intumescent coatings. These reduce the effects of a fire in case one breaks out. Find out from us how this innovative wall painting can help increase your safety.

8. Professional Painters in Studio City Dubai.

Graffiti is part of the motorsports racing culture. Did you know there are special anti-graffiti coatings and finishes? You can protect your walls from ever having any graffiti on them together with a high prevention measure.

9. Green Community Painting Services Dubai.

The community at rest, Green is the color of rest. The color of nature. It does look green around here, lush enviable greenery and an abundance of parks and trees. Therefore, it is not just a name. The housing is also a bit different. Did you know we can handle homes, villas, and bungalows – both the inside and outside, such as those that fill this community?

10. Painting commercial and residential Properties in Production City Dubai.

It seems all our communities are themed. Production City is no exception. The movies,theater and film buffs congregate here. Packaging, printing, signage and exhibitions, events and media publishing are at the core of this engaged community consisting mostly of business professionals from all over the world. Busy people with busy lifestyle we totally understand their needs. Our immediate environment fuels creativity – make sure you are exploiting yours fully by having the right wall paintings in your essential production environments. Boost the morale of your staff by being mindful of what they look at everyday as they produce those big shows.

11. Interior and exterior villa painting in Dune Village Dubai.

There is the off-road oasis, where all two-wheeled, four-wheeled and more gobbling up sand dunes in the hot sun routinely. Nonetheless, Convenience and community are the defining words for this community. For the upwardly mobile homemaker, which has some of the most lavish gated apartments, with state of the art social amenities such as Jacuzzi, matured landscaped gardens, mosques, cafes and restaurants? Whether you stayin a studio or atwo bedroom, you are proud of where you are. We prefer confident customers as theyhey know what is right for them.

Dubai has an excellent culture of repainting walls regularly. The sun hits the painted surfaces for many hours and thus fades quicker than it otherwise would. You need regular painting to keep your building looking bring and hospitable.

While many claim to offer professional services, few follow through with the service delivery. This is why most people do not trust working with one-off solo painters. We are a fully registered company working with qualified personnel. We will not walk away until the job is done right. We are proud of the communities we serve because the results show for themselves.